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My name is Joyce Bijl and I was born in 1962 in Vlaardingen. I graduated as a dietitian in 1985. Completed the training re-entering dietitian in 2011. Not long after that I started my own dietitian practice. Now based in Arnhem. I am now also a recognized Orthomolecular Nutrition and Supplementation Advisor.  My clients have IBS or SIBO. I use stress reduction and supplements if necessary, the FODMaP restricted diet and the SIBO diet.

Since 2014 I have followed various training courses about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the FODMaP-restricted diet. In 2017 I have  together with Jacqueline Gerrits books about the low FODMaP diet in 2 parts,  PDS & Stress and SIBO released. Book number 4 ' Tasty and simple FODMaP limited cooking ' will be published in December 2021.

Eating is self-evident, we eat every day, eating is fun and food should above all be tasty. But more importantly, food helps you stay fit and healthy! Sometimes your health requires an adjustment of the diet. As with gastrointestinal problems.


As a dietician at Eet & Beleef, I am the expert who can help with this. I provide you with tailor-made dietary or nutritional advice, supplemented with tips and ideas to arrive at a new diet.

Healthy eating is important! We all want healthy food. But do you know what healthy eating is? But what can your body handle? Not everyone tolerates milk and you may also get a bloated stomach after a sandwich.

Can't find the information you want on my website or do you want to know more about a specific topic? Please feel free to contact me.




There are several reasons for going on a diet. You can have an allergy to certain foods, you can go on a diet because you want to lose weight or because you have to gain weight. Even if the blood pressure is too high or the cholesterol levels are not right, it is wise to pay attention to the composition of your diet. In children there may also be reasons to adjust the food.

However, it is always important to put together a complete diet for you, despite the conditions or restrictions that apply. Every diet is therefore a personal diet. As a dietitian I focus on everyone with unexplained abdominal complaints and with a diagnosis of IBS or SIBO.

gezond dieet.

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