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Help With Abdominal Problems

"Your food is my challenge!"

Do you have questions about guidance with nutrition and diet questions?

Feel free to contact us.


Have you been suffering from unexplained stomach complaints, flatulence or diarrhea for a long time? Or does your MDL doctor have no other remedy for your IBS than "Nothing you can do, just learn to live with it"?
Then it is good that you are now looking around my site. 

Due to personal circumstances and all the vicissitudes surrounding COVID-19, I have decided not to take on any new clients. I will also no longer be a course instructor for the foreseeable future. I am open to questions and advice. If you would like consultations, I will refer you to Jacqueline Gerrits.

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What can I expect

Diet and Nutrition Advice

You can make an appointment at Eet & Beleef for personal (diet) advice at PDS or SIBO.

Extensive Metabolic screening or separate Braverman test
The questionnaires can be sent by e-mail. You will receive the results as a report.




Ademanalyse waterstof- en methaangas

Irritable bowel syndrome

After the diagnosis of IBS, the FODMaP-restricted diet in combination with stress reduction can  often help.


If there are more abdominal complaints and FODMaP does not sufficiently reduce the abdominal complaints.

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Terms and Conditions.

When you make an appointment at Eet & Beleef you accept the general terms and conditions and

the privacy regulations apply.

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Consultations in practice, on location and remotely with video calling or by telephone are possible.

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Informational web sites.

For all information about the books and websites of organizations and where you  obtain additional information.

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visiting address

Make an appointment at Eet &  Experience is always possible at short notice, both within and outside office hours. The practice is easily accessible. Can you  don't come, then I can get you  We also visit at home or use the telephone.


A consultation is available for clients who live too far away

by email,  Facetime or Video calling possible.


A metabolic screening is always offered by email.

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Would you like an appointment? Asking a question?

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