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After the diagnosis of IBS and following the FODMaP-restricted research diet, many complaints often remain. Then look for the cause. Is it a digestive problem and do you also have complaints elsewhere in your body? There is a good chance that you have SIBO. There are then too many bacteria in the wrong place in the small intestine and they cause a variety of complaints.
In this book we have bundled possible causes and therapies. A book in which we have combined a great deal of knowledge of doctors, especially from the United States and Australia, with our own practical experiences.
There is no unambiguous therapy for SIBO, because there are many factors that play a role in its development.
The advice is to find out what works for you at SIBO under expert guidance. Therefore, look for the solution together with your dietitian, general practitioner or gastro-intestinal liver doctor. In this book you will read the information and the many possibilities that can help you with the solution: your own life back.


  • 320 pages.
    54 chapters with causes for the development of SIBO, the consequences of SIBO and the many treatment options.
    Multiple diets are discussed.

    Lots of practical information, but also a handy reference book for clients, dieticians and doctors.
    Many drawings and illustrations made by Jacqueline Gerrits.

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